First Time Experience With An Escort

To start of this article, there are some things you need to know about me before making any kind of assumption. Well, I am 5’11 recently divorced and live at home all on my own. Actually, the divorce happened seven months ago but to forget someone you truly love is a hard task, I bet all you heartbroken people reading this out there can relate with me.

All the fun new experience which came to me on this weekend started with a simple phone I got a call from an old friend saying “ I hope you are better, but as it’s been a long time now, it’s time to move on and start a new chapter in your life.” The phone call obviously took some time and I have no clue, but during the phone call, we suddenly planned to visit Atlantic City to blow off some steam. So the initial plan was to visit some strip clubs along the way, smoke cigars and get a ton of alcohol down our system but nothing like that happened.

On our way, we did visit some strip clubs but did not spend a lot of time there as we already had a booking at this beautiful hotel overlooking the beautiful city. So without a second thought, we rushed our way to the hotel.

Soon we reached our hotel, got freshen up and headed to the bar because ”The best way to forget our problems was by drinking a lot of solution.” While we were sitting at the bar, I happened to switch my attention from my friend to the women standing behind him and OH MY GOD! Undoubtedly she is the most beautiful women I have ever come across my entire life. Upon using the “Bro Code” and also my friend, I found out she was an escort and my mind could only say one thing “What I wouldn’t give to spend just a single night with you.” So, my friend is the dumbest among us both went on to find the escort agencies number and hired her for me for the night.

I obviously wasn’t going to miss out on seeing her; thus I rushed to the hotel room and somehow managed to freshen up myself and the room. Later that night after waiting for several hours there was a knock on my door and I being a complete amateur that I was, rushed to open the door and opened the door in a manner that would have made anyone run screaming for help, but surprisingly to my stupidity she laughed and asked me if I was okay?.  Words accumulating in my head like how  “ Leonardo DiCaprio” or “Brad Pitt” would answer to that situation and in the end, all I could say was “I’m good.” To my surprise, she was even more gorgeous and sexy than I had imagined and as I had not been with another woman since my divorce and suddenly I went into a blank space where I had no clue what to do or even say.

I ended up inviting her into the room and this is where the night decided to turn positive for me. As I was complimenting her about the dress she had worn and asked her the type of champagne she would like to drink, she slowly came up behind me and whispered in my ears “ What would you like to do all night?.” This whisper of words she just did, shot up the testosterone level in my body and I just turned back and held her up close to my body. Our lips were barely touching each other and to my surprise, she leaned in and slowly and passionately started to kiss me. As I moved my hands and they started to feel every single inch of her body, I soon knew what the night had planned for me. We both gazed into each other’s eyes and started to remove our clothes.

We could literally see the passion and lust we had in each other’s eyes and all that only made the situation much more steamier. After a lot of fun and incredibly good sex(at least for me and I’m 70% sure for her too), we both were simply lying on the bed naked and just looking at each other and smiling. Not wanting to spend the beautiful moment and the very limited time I had with her, I asked her if she would be interested in having a late night snack with me?

I don’t know what exactly made her say yes, but she agreed to it not because she was bound to agree to it, but actually cause she was hungry and wanted to spend time with me doing other things. We rushed down at 3 AM not knowing that if we could even find a single grain of ready-made food and to our surprise we ended up reaching the restaurant at the poolside and kept on ordering food and ate it while we asked each other various questions having fun. But internally I was a little sad as I knew that all this would come to an end very soon. Upon reaching the hotel room, she wore her overcoat and I can never forget the next thing she said to me. She said,”  No client of her’s till date has asked her to spend time in this manner with them and this made her feel really special.” I generally have no clue how the escort service usually works, but by far this was the best experience of my life till date.