Exercising Caution Before Sex With An Escort

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If this is your first time having sex with an escort, or if you are considering hiring an escort to come and spend an evening with you and end it with sexual intercourse you should take certain precautions. Depending on which part of the planet you are located in, decide how much you are willing to spend. If you are meeting the escort in a hotel, the use the safe to keep your wallet, watch and all other valuables in it. There is a stereotype that escorts may steal your belongings, but that is indeed not true in most cases. But it sure does not hurt to be on the safe side. Do make sure to keep the exact amount that was discussed beforehand, ready to be given to the escort. Do not have even a dollar lesser than what was discussed; it’s up to you if you want to give them extra.

Make sure you see the escort in a room where nothing valuable can be stolen. It is definitely not a good idea to hire an escort if you are drunk or high. When the escort arrives, show them that you do have enough money to pay them, you don’t have to wave it in their face, you can just be discreet about it. Make sure that you look good and smell even better. Be clean when they arrive, if they ask you to take a shower, oblige their request. Do not speak about exchanging sex for money since that would be illegal. Make them feel comfortable.

Spend time with them, during this time make them feel welcome and happy to be there, be a gentleman, offer them food and drinks, then when the time is right with their consent you can make the move. If you want them to do so, you must inform them beforehand. When sexual intercourse has begun, by all means, you have to wear a condom. It does not mean to kill passion or intimacy but only prevent pregnancies and transfer of STIs and STDs. Its just a means of protecting you from diseases that are incredibly hard to get rid of. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are some other examples of STDs.

HIV AIDS is mainly transmitted through vaginal and anal sex without a condom. It is spread through body fluids such as semen, vaginal secretion, and blood. Check the escort for visual signs of blood or any STDs and STIs.

Safe sex basically keeps you safe from this sort of complications. Therefore it is essential to discuss what kind of contraceptives and protective methods you want to use. It is a delicate issue to talk about but make sure they are relaxed and comfortable while talking about these topics. It is also crucial, to be honest with one another. Safer sex means staying healthy and being smart about your sexual relations, be an adult and responsible about it.