Famous Celebrities Who Married Escorts

In today’s world, nobody is a saint as we all have a past which we would like to forget. The word “Reputation” holds a lot of weight in today’s world as if a person does not have a good reputation there is nobody in the world who will want to speak to them. While the common man has to live on with the mistake they have made, they are a few celebrities who have paid immensely to have their past mistakes erased. Continue reading “Famous Celebrities Who Married Escorts”

Exercising Caution Before Sex With An Escort

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If this is your first time having sex with an escort, or if you are considering hiring an escort to come and spend an evening with you and end it with sexual intercourse you should take certain precautions. Depending on which part of the planet you are located in, decide how much you are willing to spend. If you are meeting the escort in a hotel, the use the safe to keep your wallet, watch and all other valuables in it. There is a stereotype that escorts may steal your belongings, but that is indeed not true in most cases. But it sure does not hurt to be on the safe side. Continue reading “Exercising Caution Before Sex With An Escort”